Lighting Installation Burlington VT

New Lighting Fixtures Installation Burlington VT

Our electrical company in Burlington, VT, provides comprehensive lighting services. When you’re ready to update your home or office with new lighting fixtures installation, call us for excellent service at a competitive price. We are an experienced team of skilled technicians whose specialties include overhead lighting, pendant lighting, landscape lighting, and much more.

As your electricians, we make your complete satisfaction with our services priority number one. Lighting is one of the most important features of any home or business, and our company is the one you can rely on for superior results.

lighting installations Burlington VT

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    Recessed Lighting Installation Burlington VT

    Recessed lighting is a popular solution that enhances the ambiance of any interior. These overhead fixtures can serve as interior floodlights or as accents on certain design focal points. Typically, recessed lighting fixtures come in 3”, 4”, and 6” cans that we sink into your ceiling. The smaller fixtures are good for accent lights, and the larger for bigger rooms and hallways.

    Customers often have older fixtures that use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and want to use more energy-efficient LED lights. In these instances, we are happy to retrofit the existing fixtures.

    Ceiling Fan Installation Burlington VT

    Ceiling fans are affordable fixtures that can serve the double duty of regulating a room’s temperature and providing a source of overhead light. Today’s fans come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles, so you have no shortage of options when it comes to selecting the one that fits your preferences. When you’ve found a ceiling fan that works for you, let us know. We’ll get it installed quickly and for a cost-effective price.

    Under-Cabinet Lighting Installation Burlington VT

    Our professionals provide under-cabinet lighting installation that improves the atmosphere in your kitchen. These lights improve visibility on your countertops while you’re preparing meals, and also act as nice accents. You can choose between lighting bars or pucks that we can hardwire into your home, but plug-in and battery-operated systems are available as well.

    Custom Lighting Installation Services Burlington VT

    lighting installations Burlington

    There certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to lighting. Our company will install the setup that best suits your home or office and that meets your personal requests. We specialize in both interior and exterior lighting, so whatever you have in mind, we’ve got you covered.

    From overhead lighting in your kitchen and bathrooms to dramatic accent lights in your lawn or garden, we’ll make sure you have practical, attractive installations.

    Switches and Dimmers Burlington VT

    In addition to installing your lights, we’ll also put in the dimmers and switches of your choosing. There are many products to choose from to control your light fixtures:

    • Single-Pole - Control one fixture
    • Double-Pole - Let you control 2 fixtures without needing a separate circuit box
    • 3- or 4-Way - Allow you to control one fixture from several locations
    • Multi-Location - Give you control of lights from more than 4 points, usually in larger commercial settings

    As far as the styles of switches go, you can decide between toggles, rockers, sliders, and smart switches.

    When you’re ready for custom lighting service, contact us or fill out our form for your free estimate. Our company is proud to serve the Greater Burlington area.