Electrical Repairs Burlington VT

Keeping your electrical system running properly isn’t just about convenience. Since faulty electrical components are a leading cause of structural fires, staying on top of repairs and maintenance helps to keep you safe and prevent costly damage. Any time you need electrical repair services in Burlington, VT, our company is here for you.

We provide homes and businesses with a complete range of repairs. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are the ones you can depend on to ensure that your property’s electrical system performs optimally.

outlet replacement Burlington VT

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    Electrical Troubleshooting

    When you notice lights flickering, switches not working, or any other problem, give us a call. We offer thorough electrical troubleshooting so we can diagnose and fix whatever is wrong with your system. Whether we find a poor connection or identify an overloaded panel, we’ll recommend the right solution for the problem.

    Electrical Home Wiring Repairs

    When wiring is old or damaged, you’ll probably notice frequent power outages. And if you have an older system but use the usual modern appliances and devices, there’s a good chance your system is overloaded. With our electrical home wiring repairs, though, you can have an updated system that works efficiently and safely.

    Repairing Switches and Dimmers

    You’re counting on having functional lighting at your home or office. Broken switches and dimmers can be a big problem, but our repair team responds promptly so you aren’t left in the dark. We are committed to providing convenient service in a timely manner - choose us when you need a master electrician to solve your electrical issues.

    Outlet Repairs & Replacements

    outlet replacement Burlington VT

    When your outlets stop working, you can be facing some frustrating inconveniences. Fortunately, our company is ready to repair or replace your broken outlets so you can continue to use your electronics and devices. We show up to each job with a fully equipped truck that has everything we need to take care of most common electrical problems, and this includes new outlets.

    Circuit Breaker Repairs

    Circuit breakers are critical for preventing power surges and maintaining a consistent electric flow. When your breakers malfunction, you’re also at an increased risk of damaged electronics and fire. We’re here, though, to stop that from happening. Call us as soon as you need circuit breaker repairs from skilled technicians. We’ll make sure your property’s electrical system remains safe and functional.

    Electrical Code Violation Corrections

    To stay compliant with Burlington’s Department of Permitting and Inspections, your electrical system needs to be up to code. Call us if you’ve been issued a violation - we’ll take a look at the problem and make the necessary correction to prevent any further citations. We are fully committed to ensuring that your electrical system is configured to the highest standard of safety.

    Generator Repairs

    Generators are a great way to keep your lights on when there’s an outage in the neighborhood, but that’s only the case when your generator is in good working order. Whenever you need generator repairs, leave the job to us. We’ll get yours up and running for a fair price.

    Please contact us or submit our form to request your free estimate on electrical repairs. We provide residential and commercial repairs in the Greater Burlington, VT, area.