Electrical Installation Burlington VT

We are a full-service electrical company that serves homeowners in Burlington, VT. The next time you need a skilled technician to update your home, reach out to us. Our services include expert electrical installations for residential properties. As our customer, you can count on thorough, attentive electrical work that ensures your home’s system runs safely and efficiently. From exterior lighting to interior ceiling fans and more, our electricians do it all.

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    Electrical Installation for Home Additions

    Adding on to your home is an exciting opportunity to make the most of your property’s available space. Whether you’re making room for your growing family or you want a home office or entertainment area, you’ll need to make sure your electrical system can accommodate the increased power consumption. We’ll assess your needs and provide the installations that make your new addition functional, convenient, and comfortable.

    Proper Procedure, up to Code, Every Time

    We prioritize safety and thorough, careful workmanship on each job we do. Our company is serious about safeguarding your home from potential electrical problems. With our knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that all installations are properly performed and are in compliance with all regulations. Customers prefer us because of our professionalism, know-how, and commitment to the safety of their families.

    Electrical Circuit Breaker Installation

    An important consideration whenever you install new fixtures or appliances is whether your electrical system can efficiently handle the increased power load. You may need a new electrical circuit breaker installation, or a panel upgrade to prevent tripped circuits and strain on your system. We’ll gladly inspect your setup and recommend any updates you may want to think about.

    Installation of Electrical Appliances & Appliance Wiring

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    If you’ve purchased new appliances, you can depend on us to get them up and running. We install kitchen and laundry appliances and provide any necessary wiring they require. By choosing our technicians, you are making sure that you’re getting experienced electricians who are up to the task. By the time we’re done, you’ll have fully functional appliances that make your home life more convenient.

    Exhaust Fan Installation

    Adding exhaust fans to your bathrooms controls moisture in the air from showers and tubs. When you’re ready to install these practical features, let us know. We work promptly and are careful to leave your home interior clean. Our company works quickly to finish the job to your complete satisfaction.

    Generator Installation

    Having a backup generator is a smart way to keep your power running in the event of an outage. Our services include generator installation so that you don’t have to worry about losing your lights, refrigeration, or HVAC when the power goes out. Call our office today if you’re ready to add a generator to your home.

    Doorbell installation

    We’re happy to replace your home’s doorbell or add a new one for the first time. For quality doorbell installation in Burlington, just give us a call. We’re ready to get to work for you.

    For a free estimate on electrical installation services, call us or submit our contact form. Our company is proud to serve homeowners in the Greater Burlington, VT, area.